Dienstag, November 29

Page Thirty-Seven: Murder and Mystery in Berlin!

Hello M. Last week things started to happen in Berlin. Apparently somebody found a dead woman under Schloss Brucke. I heard that the woman found was identified as frau Stephanie Helstein. I met frau Helstein several times, and I found her very charming but rather nervous and a bit depressed from time to time. I was very shocked when I heard about her murder on the wireless. Frau Yardley told me yesterday that the polizei actually were getting close to an arrest of some sort. 

The very same day but a bit later I found a woman who had passed out by the Spree along Fischerstrasse. She was wet and cold and very confused. She had lost her memory and I helped her home to our house and gave her something hot to drink and the opportunity to get her clothes dry. She claimed that her father was Nikolaj Romanov! Like the late Russian tsar! I mentioned the names of the tsar's children and she reacted when I mentioned the name "Anastasia". All very weird! They were all murdered eleven years ago, surely! Gustov came home and talked to her and tried to help her remember, and he told me later that she did have a Moscow accent and not a St Petersburg accent which the young Anastasia Romanova probably had. Titania, who's a doctor, also came over and had a look at her, but could notice that the young woman was not physically hurt. I had to leave shortly thereafter, but shortly after my departure, the young woman left as well ... and she has not returned as far as i know. All very weird! Anyway, love you XXX Rosie

Montag, November 21

Page Thirty-Six: I am going to become a mother!

Dear M. Around the days of the wedding I started feeling bad. I felt sick and had problems keeping my breakfast, but I just thought it was due to nervousness about the upcoming wedding. Anyway, after the wedding the same thing kept happening so I went to a doctor, who told me that I was five weeks pregnant. That was a BIT awkward since we were just one week married ... so you get it, dear M. Yes, we had been doing it before the wedding. Sorry, but we are only humans. Humans in love. Anyway, I told Gustov and he was filled with joy, but we thought we'd keep quiet about it for some time, so it would look as if it had been done the right way. But who am I (or who are we) kidding? Of course one of the nosy kids that hang around Friedrichstrasse witnessed one of my rushes out to the backyard toilet when I was having a morning sickness and then the talk was all over Berlin, and just shortly there after we had to give up and announce the news. I have heard gossip that Frau Yardley has been talking about me being pregnant so shortly after the wedding, but I kinda expected that. And we have ourselves to blame I guess ... but you know what, dear M? I don't CARE! I'm going to become a mother ... and you dear M, you will be a grand-mother! All my loving and XXX Rosie

Freitag, November 11

Page Thirty-Five: The Wedding!

Dear M, so sorry for letting you wait for my report like this, but straight after the wedding me and Gustov were busy with going on our honeymoon and I forgot to pack this diary. Yeah ... very sloppy of me, I know, but never mind: I'm happy to tell you that everything went according to all the plans. It took some time to start though, since everybody needed to get there and get ready and we had to wait for one of the bridesmaids. Father was there and looked after me before the wedding, and helped me with the wedding dress. I had to put it on at the library and then I had to wait there until it was time to start. Then I had to wait outside the church before we all started and it was very, very, very nervous. But when we finally got started - but when it all had started it went like a dream. Noone of us fainted and we said the right things at the right places. The church was full of Berlin friends and they helped us celebrate at der Keller afterwards, and we did a short visit at Club Eldorado afterwards, but then me and Gustov decided to leave and we took the train to a lovely and warm beach (how on earth we managed to find that in Germany in the beginning of November is a thing I'll never understand, but we did it nevertheless) and had a lovely time there. We have had some more great days travelling around, seeing things and had some real quality time together. I really love him and it feels as if I have found my place in the universe. Love you XXX Rosie (Chesnokova!)

PS. Oh yeah ... almost forgot. Herr von Trumper took a series of wonderful photographs during the wedding ceremony (and before and just after it as well) so I have included a picture of me and Gustov getting married and also a pic of ole daddy for you to enjoy! DS.

Samstag, November 5

Page Thirty-Four: Oh there you are?

Hello dear M. Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you and then I find you hidden under the carpet downstairs. How on earth did you end up there? Anyway, tonight's the night ... when I switch from the herb thyme to garlic. What am I talking about? Well ... dear M ... chesnok in Russian means garlic, so I'll be Mrs Garlic after tonight's wedding ... or rather frau Chesnokova. I wish that you could be there too. Love you XXX. Your Rose. 

Sonntag, Oktober 9

Page Thirty-Three: Listen to this!

My beloved M. Listen to this: 

Rosemary Elvira Ernestovna Chesnokova!

Doesn't it sound marvelous? 


I can't wait!

Page Thirty-Two: New Home!

Dear M. Since I last wrote to you, there has been lots of work and also some planning for the wedding that will take place November 5. I so wish that you could be there ... and who knows, maybe you can? Anyway, me and Gustov and the family have been wondering where we would live when we all get together and become a family. Gustov's small ratty apartment at Fischerstrasse is hardly an alternative and my beloved flat at Dorothenstrasse may feel a bit crowded too, but now I have managed to rent the old medieval house at Friedrichstrasse! It is MUCH bigger. At the bottom floor there is a living room and a small bathroom space that I organized under the stairs. Upstairs you'll find a combined kitchen/dining room/bedroom for the kids and up in the attic you'll find mine and Gustov's bedroom and also my home office. Hip hooray! Problem solved! So my new adress is Friedrichstrasse 6, where you can find me and Gustov and the kids. Another good thing is that I'm now much closer to my friend Charika and her Verona, since they live at number 4. Everything is going our way now! Love you XXX Rosie. 

Montag, September 26

Page Thirty-One: In the newspaper!

Oh yeah M, I forgot to tell you what happened before the night of Gustov's proposal. I was doing my ordinary guiding and was waiting for new "clients" ... or maybe "victims" at the train station, when I met a journalist who wanted to write about Berlin, and I guided him and told him about it for an hour or so, and the next day I was in the newspaper. I have to say that it was a unique journalist since he was very accurate with the quotations from me ... one thing I didn't really cared for was the fact that he wrote about me smoking in the article. I am not proud, nor impressed by that myself, and I see no reasons why others should be writing about such things. Never mind ... I'm not just a bride-to-be but also a celebrity in the newspaper ... or was anyway - I may have had my 15 minutes in the spotlight by now. Love ya XXX Rose

Page Thirty: Oh wow!

Dear M. I'm so sorry for keeping quiet but I haven't really felt that I've been in control of anything lately, and I have not understood what has been going around me. But now I need to tell you what everybody else already seem to know. But I think I'll try to start it all from the beginning. One month ago, I took a trip to a town outside Berlin where I knew there was a jazz club. I felt that I really wanted to hear some great music and maybe meet some new people. Then a tall blonde man came up to me and asked if he was too tall to ask me for a dance. I guess he had heard me making comments about some people being ridiculously tall. I agreed to dance with him, and found out that he worked as a grief counselor. I got the impression right away that he was a good listener and a good conversationalist. After awhile he told me about his children, and the way he described his kids made me even more interested in him and his family. He told me about Chelsey who often "insites trouble", Ara "the weapons and explosives expert",  Sandy "the quiet one", Jas "really sweet but a pickpocket", Alana (the dressmaker), Kei and Teiji (the last one being the only boy). All of them being orphans that my dance partner had adopted. Oh, I'm so sorry, I have not even said what his name is. His name is Gustov Chesnokov. I told him about Berlin and what I do there, and we had a long and nice dance together. Some days later, he came to Berlin and he brought two of his children and we had a long and hilarious tour around Berlin. A bit later, we met at the Club Eldorado and we danced and danced and talked and talked ... and I guess that is when I fell in love. I don't know when he did it though, but I think I did it then. Shortly after that he moved into a rugged old apartment down the docks - not the best place to bring up children - just above the "Gentlemen's club" as it is euphemistically called. We kept on meeting more or less discrete, but of course the gossip started in Berlin, and last Saturday (the 24th), I was going to a party at Behrenstrasse at Tequila Krovac's and Maegara Hesse's house. Gustov asked me to come over to another place just before the party, which I thought was a bit odd, but I agreed anyway, and when I got there, we went down on one knee and proposed to me. I was so happy but oh so shocked even though I should have seen it coming since he arranged a meeting with my father in Berlin earlier that day. He must have really managed to charm that old sourpuss. Anyway, I said (or stuttered) "Yes" and went to the party and told everybody ... and kind of stole the show. I've had so many congratulations now so that I feel all fuzzy in my red head. I don't know when it will happen and I will need some help with the arrangement - but that is the next step. I am now engaged to be married with Gustov Chesnokov. I so wish that you would have been able to meet him. Love you XXX Rosie

Mittwoch, September 14

Sonntag, September 11

Page Twenty-Eight: Oh wow.

Dear M. I don't really know what happened last night after the roof party at the Bauhaus building that Taena organized, and after the time at Club Eldorado. Or, I know what happened but I don't know HOW it happened. I probably did something wrong ... but I have never felt happier in my life. Love you (as well) dear M. XXX Rosie. 

(under the text a big heart is drawn)

Samstag, September 10

Page Twenty-Seven: Call me someday!

Dear M. Today my telephone was installed in my home and it works like a dream. I have already talked to Charika on the phone and it worked without any problems whatsoever. Good sound and no problems hearing the person on the other end. I don't know if you have any telephones where you are now, but if you do; here's my number: Berlin 5461. Just ask for Rosie. Love ya. XXX Rosie. 

Mittwoch, August 31

Page Twenty-Six: Heavy head and Miss Berlin pics.

Hello dear M. I don't know what's wrong with me, but last night I THINK I made some sort of fool of myself ... but I don't know HOW, which is a bit worrying. Anyway, I was working as usual guiding tourists and everything was going well, but during Happy Hour at der Keller in the night, I think I had a bit too much to drink. I suspect though that something was put in the last schnaps I drank since I suddenly felt that I needed to be sick, so I hurried out from der Keller (I didn't want to create nor a scene or a mess in there) and when I got out everything went black. Then I have a blurred memory of being helped up on a chair at der Keller sitting next to a one of the tourists I had guided earlier (well, THAT was awkward - if my memory isn't playing me tricks) and my next memory is that of frl Jaidov helping me outside der Keller - trying to get me walk in the right direction. Then I don't remember anything more. Just that when I woke up, it felt as if my tongue was furry and somebody was pushing needles in my eyeballs from the inside. When I washed I noticed that I had abrasions on my knees, thighs and tummy and also on my left cheek ... as if I had been dragged along the ground. My dress was a bit torn at places too ... I really wonder what happened there. Maybe I don't want to know ... I got to be more careful with alcohol from now on. 

Anyway, enough of that, I got some photographs taken at the Miss Berlin contest today, so I thought I'd share them with you. There is one of me in swimsuit, another one of me in evening gown and one taken when I read a poem. There is also a group shot of Jelena, Fubby, myself and Pola. I hope you'll like it. Love and kisses XXX Rosie.

Sonntag, August 28

Page Twenty-Five: Charika and Verona

Hello M. I'd like to tell you about one of my best friends in Berlin, a young lady called Charika Bauer. Charika was born in India by an Indian mother and Austrian father, but grew up in Germany. Her father died when she was just a child, and her mother moved back to India and Charika grew up staying with an elder relative. When that relative died, Charika became a dancer and was a member of a dance troupe that toured all over Germany and I think they also toured in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. She got fed up with the constant touring and left the dance troupe after an incident of some sort (she has not told me any details) and came to Berlin. She started working as a taxi driver and moved into a small hotel room at Nussbaum where she lived for a month or so, but today she managed to get her own apartment at Friedrichstrasse and she was so happy about it. During the time we've known each other I have never seen her so happy before. The thing is ... Charika has a daughter, a seven year old (I think) girl called Verona, and Charika's great worry has always been not being able to have a home for herself and her daughter. Charika has always been very secretive about her daughter, but she has not been able to keep her hidden, since that is a girl with lots of energy and many ideas about what to do ... Verona is quite rowdish. I don't know who Verona's father is, and Charika doesn't seem interested in talking about that, so I won't insist. When she wants to tell me, I'm sure she will do so. Today Charika and Verona got their first real home in Berlin. Congratulations to both of them. So, you see M, I'm quite happy about the fact that things are getting better for Charika and Verona. Love you XXX Rosie. 

Page Twenty-Four: Another long week filled with work ... and another great party at Eldorado.

Hello M. So sorry for not writing more often, but I just fall asleep when I get back home after work these days ... haven't even been to that many Happy Hours at Der Keller lately. Never mind, it's good to have a good job and that I can keep myself busy. Nothing much has happened during the last week, but it was quite a night at Club Eldorado last night. I was occupied with work and didn't arrive until the club had been opened for about half an hour. There was a kind of a contest there with a prize for the best man in women's clothing. Yeah, don't tell daddy, he'd explode (or implode) with indignation if he knew what kind of places I go to. I'm sure you won't tell though, and don't worry about me. I can manage. Still, there was a lady there last night who started flirting with me when I probably stared a bit too long on her daring outfit. Jelena who was there as well, saw it as her task to be my chaperon which amused me a bit. It was a long and fun night at Eldorado and I was a bit heavy in the kopf when I woke up this morning. Anyway, one needs some fun in life from time to time, I think you agree with that dear M. Love you XXX Rosie

Sonntag, August 21

Page Twenty-Three: Super evening at Club Eldorado

Hi again, M. After I got back from Dresden, I got a long bath and then prepared for a concert at Club Eldorado. A new singer that I hadn't heard before, a red haired lady called Phoenix Gerhardsen performed there and she was just fabolous. Such a wonderful voice - I hope she gets back many times. I felt for the first time that I could really relax and be myself at Club Eldorado this time, maybe it is because I felt that I really needed to have some fun, and didn't wait for others to entertain me for once. After the concert, there was dancing, and I stayed for a long time before going back home for some well needed sleep. And now I'm just having a nice Sunday enjoying life in Berlin. I love you. XXX Rosie.

Page Twenty-Two: A daytrip to the Dresden Gallery

Dear M. I feel a bit better today. Last Friday, I went to see another performance by Alice and Vera (a.k.a. Cabaret Americana) at the Odeon theatre, and it was the best performance so far by them. Loads of fun in all sorts of ways, even though Vera did a rather mean ventriloquist impersonation of me, but it was all done with heart although she made me blush at the time. On Saturday I joined a trip to Dresden arranged by the Society of Philanthropic Berliners. We were a bunch of Berliner who took the train there (the train ride took three hours) and went to see the Dresden Gallery, and my oh my what an experience that was. Lots of wonderful paintings and a huge gallery where you easily could get lost. We walked around and watched all the paintings for hours, and had great fun as well as getting some culture into our dreary lives. I inserted a photograph that was taken on the steps of the gallery when we were waiting for the train who would take us home (and waiting for the people who were lost in the gallery). I'm on the far left, then you see frl Bibiche Chant, Father Helendale, frl Fubby Peapod, Frau Gstone McAuley, Frau Jo Yardley, Sir Gedenspire and his wife, Taena Matova and finally a little boy who I believe is called Tom. Love you. XXX Rosie

Donnerstag, August 18

Page Twenty-One: Something's missing ...

Dear M. I've not been too well the last couple of days. Although my minor injuries from the fire incident after the Miss Berlin contest are now healed, I've not been myself at all. I have been irritated and easily annoyed, although I'm not really sure why. I don't have any reason to feel like this. I mean, work is going well and I've been even talking to daddy on the phone without starting an argument with him. I feel a bit ... well ... muted in a way. I don't feel like talking to people as much as before, not that I'm avoiding them, but I'm not searching actively searching them up. But, and this may sound as really daft, I know, still even if I don't feel like talking to people, I don't really like being on my own either. I mean, I don't know what is wrong, but it feels like something's missing ... but I don't know what. Well, it has been such an interesting time since I got to Berlin, so maybe I just need to sit back a bit and think it all over. I'm not really the analyzing kind of person, I don't have the patience for that, as well you know. That is why it feels so strange that it is exactly what I'm doing ... well, well, well, I don't know. Maybe I'm just silly. Sorry for bothering you about this, and don't worry, dear M. There is really nothing wrong with me ... not more than usual though. I just feel as if ... something's missing. Love you always. XXX Rosie. 

Sonntag, August 14

Page Twenty: The Miss Berlin Contest and other stuff ...

Well M. I survived yesterday rather well. I am not the new Miss Berlin, that is Pola Solo who was one of the girls I thought would win, but I got the second place, and that's better than expected. Fubby Peapod was placed third and Jelena Matova (who in my eyes was the other possible winner) finished in fourth. I have to tell you though, M, I've never been so nervous before in my life. Silly, I know, it's just a beauty contest, but I felt really nervous before it all. The minutes before my first posing in swimsuit was agony, but out on the stage it went quite well. The self-declared spokesman for the working class, frl Roberts (who is less working class than Bertie Wooster), fooled a couple of easily lead people to do a protest against the whole event, and they focused on doing their protests during my performances. I read a poem about a friend being far away during the talent event, and that went quite well. So did the evening dress event, although I ended it all by falling into the orchestra pit. Yes, a bit embarrassing, but I think I managed to end it in a nice style anyway. But these protestors (whatever they protested against) kept on misbehaving by throwing bottles during the prize ceremony, and somebody even set fire to the stage afterwards, and I my evening dress was ruined by it ... I got some smaller burn marks as well but nothing dangerous. It hurts a bit, but it's OK. After a quick visit at the hospital, getting some quick treatment, I went to Club Eldorado where the entertainment was about to start. I was in a bit of a bad mood due to the injuries (not the result of the competition) but I sat there for a bit anyway. Then I met Jelena, and she asked me if I was interested in going to der Keller instead for a nice peaceful chat. So we went there, and sat there for a long time talking about this and that and had a nice time, and later another friend Gaby joined us there too. I slept quite badly since I needed some sort of painkillers, but even though I've been tired today, I feel quite good. I met Morganic earlier today and he showed me a part of Berlin that I hadn't seen before - the hidden sewers. It was both interesting and exciting. Anyway, hope to get hold of some photographs from the event to show you later. All my love and kisses. XXX Rosie

Samstag, August 13

Page Nineteen: The day after Constitution Day.

Well, dear M. The Constitution day was a nice experience, although maybe a bit too nationalistic for my taste. But it was fun to watch the parade and wave my little flag when they passed, but I didn't feel extra patriotic and extra moved by the whole spectacle. Maybe I'm just too young for it all. I was moved by the silent minute we held outside the church after father Helendale's service, but that was more since I saw how moved many of the others were. The Open Stage event at the Odeon theatre turned out quite well too, although I felt for awhile that maybe I shouldn't perform after all. Lydia Yalin began it all by singing a patriotic song and Jo Yardley read two beautiful poems and I thought that my more down-to-earth music hall-ish performance would feel quite wrong after that. Then a woman called Almut Brunswick read a couple of amusing poems and then I felt that the whole event lightened up a bit, so then I decided to do my act. My act consisted of me dressed as a ballerina, while doing some ballerina movements telling some really awful ballerina jokes. I decided to not change outfit for the performance and just go on stage and do it in my black, red and yellow dress (yes, just like the flag) instead, and that worked just as well. I got an idea while being on stage to make fun of the old Odeon Theatre habit of falling down the orchestra pit, so I ended the whole performance by taking a giant leap OVER the orchestra pit and landed in the audience - without injuring anybody ... severely. After that Alf Korhonen played a short but beautiful piece on violin, and Morganic Clarrington performed after that, showing off his beautiful voice. Father Cuthbert Helendale told two jokes, Almut made an encore and read another poem and after that I think we ended it all by singing the national anthem. After that, there were fireworks at Parisenplatz, but I got to bed shortly after that, even though a strange gentleman herr Lost stood outside my window and wanted to talk to me about an old artifact (a claypot to be more precise), even though I felt that I just wanted to sleep. Finally I ignored it all, and just went to bed. Today I have been playing around with an old motorcycle with a sidecar, that I bought from an old man who told me that he had bought it way back in 1915. It had a motor that sounded like an electric sewing machine, and the exhausts were horrible, but it was fun to drive ... and it uses less gasoline than my car and my van. I don't believe I can use it for guiding tourists, there it's better to walk or use the van, but for shorter excursions it's much better than any car. Anyway ... I have to admit that I like engines ... maybe more than is appropriate for a young woman. Well, dear M., tomorrow is the big day. It's the long awaited Miss Berlin contest, and I have decided to compete, and I can only do my best, but I think the chances of me winning are extremely small. I have now seen the list of the other competitors and they are all extremely beautiful and charming and talented women, but never mind. It is a new experience, and I'm sure it will be both interesting and fun. I know that YOU would vote for me if you could, dear M, but then I would vote ten times for you too, since you are the most beautiful woman that ever existed in the whole world. I love you. XXX Rosie. 

(Between the pages and old sepia photograph of a young woman on a stage is inserted)

Donnerstag, August 11

Page Eighteen: Constitution Day today.

Hello M. To celebrate the Weimar Republic's tenth birthday, major celebrations are prepared in Berlin. There will be parades with lots of flag waving I guess, and a large monument has been raised at Parisenplatz. Unter den Linden is closed for car traffic and nobody's working today, and me neither. Just as good, since I have been working very hard guiding tourists the last couple of days. It will be interesting to see what will happen in particular today, but I know that there will be a sermon at Magdalenenkirche and an open stage event at Odeon theatre. I thought I'd do a performance there, if I feel like it. I'm sure I'll have more to tell tomorrow. Anyway, long live Germany and long live my memory of you. Lots of love. XXX Rosie

Montag, August 8

Page Seventeen: Busy Sunday!

Dear M. It was a very busy Sunday and I fell asleep late without even thinking of scribble down a few lines here, but after a good night's sleep and a large bucket of coffee, I feel like a new girl. Maybe not a BETTER girl, but a NEW girl. Yesterday started with me getting a letter from Sabs who seems to be well taken care of in England, so I don't have to worry about her, and I'll just wait for her to get back as soon as possible. I will write a letter back to her later, even though there is not that much new to tell here. Well, there was a performance at Club Eldorado Saturday evening with the Cabaret Americana couple Vera and Alice, and even though the performance was quite good, it wasn't that much more "racy" or "adult" than their ordinary performances at the Odeon. Eldorado hasn't really been able to live up to its seedy reputation yet, and I only saw one man in a dress there and that was a pianist called Max - a man with a fishlike face, thin mustasche a camp squeaky voice. Otherwise it was the usual people there. I guess those who want to go overboard and be "risque" do not feel comfortable enough about it. Anyway, after the performance, it was time to dance and have some fun, and they had put up a sort of rotating mirror ball in the ceiling, that made strange patterns appear on the wall, and of course, since the whole device was rotating, the patterns were dancing around on the walls, the floor and the ceiling. It took some time to get used to, and I had to force myself not to follow the patterns with my eyes, since I noticed that it made me dizzy. Still, after some time I danced with Sein, who like me felt a bit "bleh" (to use his own words) after Sabs' departure. No M, I'm not trying to take over Sabs' place. Both Sabs and Sein are good friends and I would never do a thing like that. We both needed to dance and have a bit of fun after what had been a rather miserable day. On Sunday I met up with Zeno McAuley's wife Gstone, who is arranging the Miss Berlin contest, and since I was asked to compete some weeks ago, I thought it may be fun. I was a bit nervous about it all, but Gstone has given us the possibility to rehearse for the event which I did on Sunday. She is really a good coach, very good at making the butterflies in our tummies, if not go away, at least settle down a bit. That was all I think, at least for this time. Love you forever XXX Rosie. 

Samstag, August 6

Page Sixteen: Saying good bye can be very difficult!

Dear M. Last night I got the news that one of my closest friends in Berlin, Sabriel, had broken up with her boyfriend Sein and decided to move back to England. I hope she'll get back soon when she feels better. It is so hard to see somebody you like feel bad. I followed her to the station in the evening when a man came to meet her at the train station. I gave her a good bye hug and watched when the train departed ... but I could not stay to watch it disappear ... that was just too difficult. She knows what is best for her though, and we'll stay in touch. I inserted a picture of her in the diary for you to see. 

Anyway, otherwise there is nothing new going on here, apart from me getting told by the new police man that I could not park my van the way I did outside my flat. What a schmuck! The only pedestrians who would find interest in walking at the sidewalk where I parked the van are those who would like to peep through my windows. Still, even if he is a schmuck, I'd better do as he says and try to find a better solutions for my van, unless I want to keep it parked outside the office and walk home after a long day at work. Minor problem, I know M. Won't bother you with that. All my loving XXX Rosie.

Montag, August 1

Page Fifteen: Club Eldorado and a scary incident.

Hi M. First of all, don't worry about me not writing. I just have a lot of things to do since I started my tourist service company. Two nights ago, a new club in Berlin opened and I was invited to be there when it opened for the first time, and my goodness what an ... interesting place. Men who dance with men and women with women. I'm not saying I disapprove, let people be happy, but I don't really understand it. Anyway, it was an interesting evening, but I'm afraid that I had a BIT too much to drink. They served free champagne but I think it was stronger than I expected. Anyway, a friend drove me home and yesterday my head was not in that good shape but it's better now. Today I was guiding a gentleman who was interested in arts. First of course we went to the museum, and there I mentioned the previous exhibition with art by Sonatta Morales, and he got interested in seeing it. I didn't know at first where to find any examples of it (apart from her clothes store of course), but then I remember that she had designed the painting at the backwall of the stage at der Keller, so I drove him there. When we were there a dark man walked into der Keller and asked for the guy who was in charge of the place, and I said that Frau Jo Yardley was running der Keller, but that she was not there at the moment. Then he pulled up a gun and told us to raise our arms. At that moment I got very angry about his behaviour and asked him what he was doing. I also called for help, and in less than a minute Zeno McAuley came to der Keller and got rid of the man. I could breathe again, but I have to confess that now afterwards I found the whole incident quite scary. Don't worry about me though M, I can take care of myself and I have many good friends who can help me when there is trouble. Love you XXX. Rose.

Freitag, Juli 29

Page Fourteen: Work is going REALLY well!

Dear M. Since yesterday, I got my office - a small room next to Berliner Post at the top floor of the office building at Unter den Linden. Zeno McAuley helped me getting the office and installed a telephone there, and my dear friend Charika (who just got a job as a taxi driver) helped me fixing my office. I got my new truck as well, and I love it so much. It's so mellow to drive and even if it looks big and clumsy, it's much better than the old re-painted truck. Me and Charika took some pictures with my old Kodak box camera. I'll insert some photos for you to see: a photo of Charika and her taxi car outside Hotel Nussbaum where she lives, a photo of me at my desk in my office, another one of me holding my tourist sign and a photo of me and my beloved van. "Thyme Tourist Service, Berlin" ... that sounds quite something, doesn't it? Yes, you are right, you are reading the writings of a proud girl! Love you XXX Rosie.

Donnerstag, Juli 28

Page Thirteen: This and that!

Hi again M. Sorry for not writing to you yesterday but I was really really busy. I had both very good news and some bad ones. First I heard that my close friends Sabriel Warwillow and Sein Loire are moving from Berlin, which upset me a bit, even though that would mean that I know had my apartment "for real", not just living in Sabs flat, so I spent the day decorating it,and I took a framed portrait of you and put it on the wall in the living room so that everybody can see how beautiful you are. Even the peeping toms who might eventually check through the windows. Still, I'll miss Sabs, but hopefully she'll come back and visit now and then. When Sein will get back is not known. Soon, I hope. Anyway, in the evening I went and saw Alice Viatruso's and Vera LeBlanc's Cabaret Americana at the Odeon theatre. They made some jokes about many of us, but they were kind to me - just made a rather friendly joke about my name. I don't mind that, I can take much worse. I have been planning to start guiding full time and officially and now it looks as if it is time to start for real. I gave up the grocery store job, and daddy (who I visited some days ago) is happy about me doing business ... a bit proud even it seems. He gave me an old van that me and a friend painted white and then put up a logo that my friend designed for me. A logotype of Brandenburger Tor and the text "Thyme Tourist Service Berlin". It steers a bit to the left ... the van I mean ... so I'm looking for a better alternative. Right now I have my office in the back of my van, but the always helpful herr Zeno McAuley may be able to find me a spot where I can keep a desk and chair for my tourist guiding company's paperwork. We'll see ... anyway, things are rolling on,  but now it's time to relax and go down to der Keller to meet my friends. It's been a long, long day and time for some winding down. Love you XXX Rosie.